A Warm Scottish Welcome for Mr Kanowa-San and Mr Crawford

Last week we transformed our Glasgow studio from knitting workshop into bobble hat showroom for Mr Kanowa-San, representative for Japanese distribution company Sehm and Jeremy Crawford, representative for fashion accessories sourcing intermediary CFN London. They are both responsible for getting our handmade luxury bobble hats into Japanese department stores Dessin Untitled, Fredy and Gloster, and Ships Khaju.

Our beloved knitting machines, Betty, Barbie, Bertha and Belle were temporarily packed away to make room for an exclusive display of our yet to be premiered, fun and wonked up takes on traditional Scottish designs which will be unveiled along with a new website in the coming weeks.

Our Scottish bunnets went down a treat, with brand new ###SPOILER ALERT### Scottie Dog, Tartan and Stag designs coming out trumps. The colourful takes on traditional Scottish icons, paired with authentic ‘handmade in Scotland’ labels in Japanese and English, act as stamps of validity of the world renowned Scottish textile industry.

Mr Kanowa-San and Jeremy fitted a Wonky visit in amidst a 2 week Scottish trip composed of select viewings of esteemed Scottish and English textile businesses including friends Gilbert Wilson, knitwear manufacturers based in Hawick.

Both Mr Kanowa-San and Jeremy left the studio with a much fuller picture of who Wonky Woolies are, what we do, how versatile our products are and exactly where the magic takes place. Perhaps equally as popular were the jaffa cakes which Mr Kanowa-San tried for the first time and their Wonky goody bags which included a new bunnet, a wee dram, a funky keyring and some nice flyers! We’d like to thank them both for their time and for all of their help in spreading the Wonky Woolies word! Until next time, goodbye! さようなら

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