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Wonky Goodbye

It is with a heavy heart that I bid goodbye to Wonky Woolies after working for the company as its first digital content assistant from June of this year. Having no one’s shoes (or should I say bobble hat) to fill was challenging but a really fun role and I’ve learnt loads creating regular blogposts, social media content, newsletters and campaigns. One of the most interesting parts has been helping with the development of the brand new super shiny Wonky Woolies website which we promise will be launched in the coming weeks!

Having known Head Wonky Alison since school days back in the Borders and being a big fan of Wonky Woolies already (2 of my favourite dresses are vintage Wonky Woolies), it was a happy coincidence that I was looking for work in digital marketing and that Wonky Woolies were looking for a hand with just that.  I feel lucky to have been part of such a vibrant company and if even only for a hot minute, I’ve seen the company achieve a lot namely sending out thousands of really fun and quality knitted bobble hats in all kinds of weird and wonderful designs from local to international companies. I now fully understand how much care, attention, skill and love goes into each and every bobble hat and I know you will find no better!

It’s been fantastic working in such a cosy, homely office with a lovely bunch of talented and committed ladies, I will miss them and their fantastic knitted wonders so much!

Sarah x

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