October News

Image of a blue and sand coloured pompom hat on a fence in the countryside.

Wow, that was a quick month!  October was a whirlwind of knitting new items, learning how to photograph them and popping up for a three day shop takeover in Glasgow!

Blanket Scarves

First up in the October news is our product launch!  These one of a kind blanket scarves have just been uploaded on our website.

Each scarf is unique, knitted with merino lambswool.  The blanket scarves have a ribbed structure which expands as they wrap around you.  They are a super weight and can be worn as a shawl or used as a blanket.

Wiggle Scarves

The concept for the wiggle scarf arrived with Graham Wonky in a dream, the next day he made it a reality and we love it! Knitted with merino lambswool, this soft scarf gives you a gorgeous hug (when you can catch it). We love having the capability to turn ideas into reality super quickly in our knitwear workshop.

Louise and I are both members of Kelso Camera Club and we are really enjoying the process of learning how to showcase our knitwear.  We hope you love the products and the images, let us know what you think!

Seamster Vintage Pop Up

Thank you to those who visited Seamster Vintage at the Cooperage last month.  It was such a fun experience to be in charge of a shop for three whole days!  After the initial shock of real people coming in (workshop life struggles) we got into the swing of it.  

It was lovely to chat with so many people.  I did that over excited thing as usual and took pictures of people buying things.  After 14 years of making knitwear, it is still exciting when people like what you do.  Running a business is challenging but days like these really do make a difference.  Thank you very much for your support.    

Big thanks to the Seamsters for hosting us, we had a real good time!  

Seamster Vintage is open daily, except Monday, from 11-5pm and is located at 674, The Cooperage, Unit 1, Pollockshaws Rd, Glasgow, G41 2QE.  


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Thank You!

Thank you for reading our October news and continuing to support our family business.  If you would like to be the first to know about new products that we are continually launching, please sign up to our mailing list. As the nights draw in, we hope you keep cosy and bright in your lovely wool.  Please tag us in things on socials, we love to see you out and about!

All the best, Alison 🙂

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