Wonky’s Blogger Blethers

Maybe it’s the change in weather that’s been channeling thoughts of cosy heads and ears under cosy knitted hats, but this week we’re lucky to have had two spotlights shone on our quality handmade bobble hats from 2 Glasgow bloggers.

The first is from new Glasgow based lifestyle blog Pam Gilmour on the Scottish Talent section of Flat Out Glasgow, which gives insight to the company including what Head Wonky Alison enjoys most about running a business,

“There are no rules or boundaries to what we can create as a team. I encourage everyone in the team to be open with ideas and we always consult each other’s opinions on designs.”

Read Pam’s full article here.

The second is from Hilary Laing over on Kiltr’s Scots Fashion Forum, which includes insight into the story behind the company’s moniker,

“For some reason I kept making big holes in the knitting when I wasn’t intending to, which was annoying. To counteract this problem I decided to add more big holes, altering the design, which I justified as being a Wonky Woolie.”

Read Hilary’s full article here.

A big thanks to Pam and Hilary for their articles- we’re glad you like our handmade bunnets! Make sure you subscribe to them to keep up to date with the latest fashion and lifestyle news!

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