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Munro Bagging

What is a Munro?

A Munro is a Scottish mountain that reaches over 3000 ft. There are a total of 282 Munros across Scotland, with the highest being Ben Nevis reaching a massive 4,411 ft! Check out Walk Highlands for a comprehensive list of all the peaks.

Munro Bagging‘ refers to the popular challenge of climbing to the top of as many as you can and in doing so, ticking them off your list! According to The Munro Society over 6000 very impressive people have now completed all 282 climbs and can proudly call themselves ‘Munroists’!

  • A Corbett is a Scottish mountain measuring between 2500 and 3000 ft in height. There are over 200 Corbetts in Scotland.
  • The Grahams are mountains in Scotland ranging between 2000 and 2500 ft high and there are 219 across the country.

Ben Nevis

The summit of Ben Nevis, the highest Munro in Scotland.
The summit of Ben Nevis.
Source: The Outdoor Guide

Located near Fort William in the Grampian Mountains is the famous Ben Nevis – the highest Munro in Scotland. There is a bit of debate over the Gaelic translation of Ben Nevis as it can take on two meanings – ‘the mountain with its head in the clouds’ or ‘the venomous mountain’! We’ll leave it up to you to decide which meaning is more appropriate!

‘The Ben’ is not only the highest mountain in Scotland but the whole of the United Kingdom! The summit reaches over 4000 ft and is the remains of a once active volcano that exploded and collapsed in on itself.

There are two main routes to the top. ‘The Pony Track’ which is most commonly used by hillwalkers and the challenging ‘Carn Mor Dearg Arête’ for the more experienced adventurers out there!

The Old Observatory sits atop the summit and first opened back in 1883. It operated for 21 years before closing. Although it now sits in ruin, the observatory can be used as a shelter in harsh conditions.

Three Peaks Challenge

Ben Nevis is part of the National Three Peaks Challenge – the gruelling task of climbing Scafell Pike in England, Snowdon in Wales and of course The Ben in Scotland, all within a 24 hour period. Not one for the faint-hearted!

The challenge spans 23 miles and the total climb is over 3000 metres. You can take on the climb in a self-organised group or join in on a professional event – check out the upcoming challenge events which are now back up and running!

Are you thinking of signing up? We can create a bespoke design for you and your team members so you can take on the challenge in style! Check out our custom design page for more information!

Many who have taken on the challenge have done so to raise money for some very worthy causes. If you’re looking for a charity, we suggest supporting SAMH – the Scottish Association for Mental Health. Back in 2018 we took part in the SAMH Stomp, and released a limited run of hats in collaboration with Frightened Rabbit, to raise awareness of mental health issues and generate funds for the charity.

Safety First

Bagging a Munro is no easy feat as conditions in the mountains are extremely changeable. Most importantly, plan ahead and follow a reliable route finder – check out View Ranger for a detailed guide on the route. Ensure you are wearing suitable attire for hiking, light layers work best as you can add and remove when needed. Even if it’s warm at the foot you know it will be cold at the top, so pack your hat! Finally, make sure you have enough food and liquid to last the duration of the climb. On most hills you will find a natural water source but remember to always be prepared.

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