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Caithness flag pompom hats

Image of Caithness flag bobble hats with bespoke Coo's Tail Gallery woven label

Quality knitted Caithness hats

On the North coast of Scotland, in the town of Thurso, you will find Caithness flag pompom hats at the Coo’s Tail Gallery. A beautiful gallery and gift shop run by local lass Barbara Cowan. Since 2014 Barbara has stocked a selection of our Wonky Woolies branded products. From bobble hats and scarves to headbands and beanies, our knitted accessories have sold well to both locals and tourists visiting the region.

Creating a custom pompom hat

Barbara wanted to create a bespoke design to celebrate Caithness and sell in her shop. We started by keeping the flag design as true to the original as possible, aligning it off centre to accentuate the pattern. Then we looked at different colours of pompoms however, it was difficult to pick a favourite. As a small batch manufacturer our minimum order for colour changes is only 5 hats therefore, Barbara was able to order some of each colour and offer her customers a choice.

Bespoke woven labels

Once the hat was finalised Barbara chose to include a bespoke woven label to give the product a personal touch. We developed the design, had the label sampled and once approved by Barbara, placed the order for the full batch. Our UK partner GB Labels offer a minimum order of 500 pieces and turn orders around quickly. We have worked with GB Labels since 2012 and we always receive an excellent product.

Image of Caithness flag bobble hats with bespoke Coo's Tail Gallery woven label
Bespoke woven labels made by GB Labels

Get your own Caithness flag pompom hat

Now you know all about them, where do you get your own Caithness flag pompom hat? You can only buy these hats from the Coo’s Tail Gallery in Thurso, we do not sell any custom design hats directly from our workshop. If you can’t get to the shop, you can give the team a ring on 01847 893623 to arrange your order. Alternatively, contact the team on social media by messaging them directly. Click this link to go to their Facebook page or this one to go to their Instagram page. Don’t forget to tag us on social in your adventures when you get the hat, we love to see them out and about!

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