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Team Wonky: Part I

Staff photo in front of company logo

Meet the makers behind your hat.

If you were to look through your wardrobe, would you know exactly where your clothing was made and by who’s hands? In this age of fast fashion, we think it’s important to take a step back and ask the question who made my clothes? In order to combat the throwaway culture of today’s fashion industry, the ideal would be to make more responsible and informed choices as consumers.

Here at Wonky Woolies we are a close-knit team, excuse the pun! We don’t mass produce, outsource production or churn out new designs every season led by the latest trend. Above all, quality ethical design is important to us and all our products are knitted and handmade in-house. Our workshop is based in Kelso in the Scottish Borders, the very heart of the Scottish textiles industry, which dates back to the 13th century!

As a small-batch manufacturing company, we can ensure that every product is hand-finished to the highest of standards – right down to the trimming of each pom so your hat reaches you in perfect condition. We are not a big corporation but a bunch of cheery people who love what we do!

And with that, we would like to introduce you to our team.

This week we’d like to introduce you to…

Maw Wonky aka Carol!

Carol in the workshop, sewing in ends on our Disco Twist Headband – a favourite product of hers!

Affectionately known as Maw Wonky, Carol is Alison’s mum and has been part of Team Wonky since day one. She is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to knitwear and her skills cannot be compared! She’s a pro at hand-knitting and can pick up a dropped stitch like there’s no tomorrow!

How did you get involved at Wonky Woolies?

“Alison had asked me to teach her how to knit a dress for a New Years Eve party in 2010 and it all started from there!”

“We both love making things and started to experiment with jumpers, cushion covers and scarves. Alison decided to turn our hobby into a business which I encouraged and have always offered help and advice where possible. When I retired from my full time job in 2016, I was graced 1 day of freedom before being snapped up by Team Wonky!”

How long have you been knitting?

“I first learned to hand knit when I was 5 years old. I think the first piece of knitting I made was a scarf for my teddy bear.”

“In the late 80’s, when machine knitting was all the rage, I took a night course at Borders College and got hooked on that. Shortly after I opened a small knitwear shop in Melrose called Jersey Box.”

What is your role in the workshop?

“How do I put this politely?! General finishing and production. As a bookkeeper, I also handle the accounts.”

What is your favourite thing about working at Wonky Woolies?

“I like seeing all the new combinations of colours and designs we come up with. Oh, and working with my daughter and son-in-law of course!”

Which products do you like the most?

“I like the Argyle Outdoors hat and the Disco Twist headband and loop scarf set, which I wear most days.”

Thanks Maw Wonky

Thanks for giving us a bit of insight into your world Maw Wonky, keep on knitting!

We made your hat.

Here at Wonky Woolies, we hope that all of our customers wear their hats with pride, knowing the quality, care, and passion that goes into every stitch! We love seeing pictures of you and your loved ones wearing your hats so keep on sharing them with us. Don’t be shy to tag us on Facebook and Instagram! #wonkywoolies

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