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Fort Bill Bobble Hats!

We’ve got our tickets ready and we’re really excited for this year’s Fort William Mountain Bike World Cup! As specialists in custom design knitting, we love to create bespoke hats for events.  For instance, to celebrate this momentous event, we’ve designed and knit 3 custom design bobble hats using the UCI colours.

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Happy Holidays to ya!  We hope you are all having a lovely time over this festive season and you are getting a bit of time to spend disowning your family and friends.  Yes, the Monopoly has come out and the gloves are off, nothing quite starts an annual rift like…

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Designs Destined for Deutschland!

Team Wonky have just waved TSCHÜß (farewell) to 40 of our Wonky bobble hats.  This batch are travelling 1029 miles from Glasgow to our new stockist Brandmarken- Shoes, Accessories, Gossip in Jena, Germany.

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