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Knitted Headbands

This Summer our headbands have been selling like hot cakes. We’ve been playing around with exciting sample colourways! This is a great way to get feedback on new colours before launching them and we’ve found the brighter the headband, the better!

We’ve got two styles of this popular multi-functional accessory available on the website currently – the twist and the fold.

The Twist

Wear our twisted headband around your head or your neck. We’ve designed these bands so the back is much longer hugging your head and the front is shorter to frame your face. If you prefer to wear it around your neck, it acts as a small layer of protection without any bulk. An easy way to add a pop of colour to any outfit and perfect for wearing under a hood or helmet!

The Fold

The reverse headband folds over to do two things – gives extra protection from the elements and enhances the pattern to make a diamond out of the chevrons. Our headbands are handy little pieces of knitwear to carry around with you. The acrylic yarn headbands are soft on skin and the double layer adds comfort.

A pop of colour!

Two bands can be worn together around the head and neck. Try mixing up the styles and pick contrasting colours to create an eye-catching look!

We are now knitting headbands with Merino wool giving them a luxurious feel and added warmth. Merino yarn wicks away moisture making for great temperature regulation and also has natural anti-bacterial properties. As the sheep produces a new fleece every year, merino is a great source of sustainable yarn. Compare all our fibres here.

Find us at Ard Rock from Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th August where we will have some awesome new colours of headbands.

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