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Shetland Wool

In the workshop we knit with a variety of yarns, ranging from soft Merino Lambswool to pure Shetland wool.

Not only does the oil in the wool fibres leave your hands feeling soft, a hat knit with natural yarn has some really great benefits. The properties that make up wool are perfect for keeping you warm and dry – which is just what you need on a cold, dreich day!

A flock of Shetland Sheep.
A hardy bunch of Shetland sheep photographed by Dave Gifford.

Small but mighty.

Shetland wool originates from the Shetland Islands in the very north of Scotland. Produced by a breed of small sheep who have adapted to brave some of the harshest weather conditions Scotland has to offer. As a result, these hardy wee sheep are made of tough stuff!

Their soft fleece has great elasticity and produces some of the finest wool amongst all of the British breeds. There is a diverse range of naturally occurring shades which can be identified by traditional Shetland names. For example, ‘Sokket’ is a fleece pattern where the sheep’s legs are a different colour to it’s body – almost like it’s wearing a pair of socks! The Shetland Sheep breed society currently recognises 11 different colours and over 30 markings.

Shetland lambs from Hoo’s Herd.

Shetland Wool Week.

World-renowned for its provenance and high quality, Shetland wool can be hard to obtain. It is most commonly used in Fair Isle knitwear which is made of repeated patterns and linear colourways.

Shetland Wool Week celebrates this unique breed of sheep, the Shetland textiles industry, and the rural farming community. Unfortunately due to the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19, this years’ event has been cancelled. However, you can still follow the happenings online and find out more about this fabulous fibre.

To wrap it up!

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite Wonky hats knit using Shetland wool. Real wool is a treat to work with and we wear it every day!

We hope you have found this interesting, if you have any questions about wool, hats or sheep, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help!

Thank you, Georgia 🙂

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