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Scottish Borders Knitwear

Moving to the Scottish Borders

Yes, we’ve moved!  This time it’s not just along the corridor, it’s to the other side of Scotland to the picturesque town of Kelso.  Having lived in Glasgow for 14 years, it was a big decision to become a Scottish Borders knitwear company.  So why move to the Scottish Borders?  This is where I grew up, where Maw Wonky lives and where we love to explore the outdoors.  You’ll often hear us before you see us enjoying the mountain bike trails around the Tweed Valley.  Adding to the excitement is having the Eildon hills as our view from the back garden and the River Tweed close by.  Both are fantastic areas for interesting historic walks and provide a source of inspiration.  Although it was a big decision to move, it was one we are very happy to embrace.

Our knitwear workshop

We’ve found an excellent workshop in the beautiful market town of Kelso, where our street sign directs you to our Scottish Borders knitwear company.  It’s a great work space, housing our small team of local skilled craftspeople and our knitting machines.  Although we are the only knitwear company based in Kelso, the Scottish Borders is synonymous with high quality textiles. With remarkable knitwear factories Johnstons of Elgin, and William Lockie near by, we feel a sense of history, pride and community in the textile industry.

A new chapter

Wonky Woolies was born in Glasgow, for 5 years it developed with the help of a group of talented creatives. We worked together to design and knit some beautiful bespoke bobble hats, which you can see here!  Our knitwear studio was full of energy, banter, cakes and prosecco (from tea cups).  It was a place of learning, sharing skills and working together.  We had a great time and we can all look back with fondness as our careers evolve.  Wonky Woolies has already brought lots of amazing people together and it will carry on doing so.  THANK YOU to Glasgow for the great times and HELLO to Kelso, let’s see what you’ve got!

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