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Image of a mint green knitted lambswool scarf. Green
Image of a knitted scarf with vertical stripes. The colours are burgundy background with bright pink stripes. Pink
Product image of a knitted scarf with purple stripes on a lilac base. Purple
Image of a knitted scarf made with a blend of red, pink and cream colours. Red
Image of a knitted scarf with pink, green and yellow hues. Yellow
Image of a knitted lambswool scarf. The colours are blended brown and yellow on the background with a red and green mix of colour on the ribbed stripe. Brown

Lambswool scarf

Image of a circle scarf, photographed like a donut. The colours are a mix of blues with a soft pink shade included. Blue (merino)
Image of a model head in a circle scarf, knitted in pink, clay, blue and sage colours. Clay merino
Product shot of a circle scarf knitted in bright colours including mustard, fuchsia pink, indigo and emerald green. Pink (merino)

Merino circle scarf

Image of a model head wearing a blue and orange knitted headband. Blue merino
Image of a model head wearing a knitted headband, colours are red and peach mixed together, with blue and green in the second pattern. Clay merino
Image of a green, gold and silver headband worn around the ears. Green merino

Merino Headbands