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A dark coral bobble hat with sky blue, jade green and mid blue pattern. The fairisle design includes a band of snowflakes and a band of Argyle design. Coral (merino)
Image is a snowflake patterned bobble hat knitted in a fairisle style with an argyle design below the snowflakes. The hat is grey with white, black and red features and a black pompom. Grey (merino)
Image is of a vibrant snowflake bobble hat. Knit with a grey turn up, turquoise and royal blue with orange snowflakes. Turquoise

Argyle snowflake hat

Image of an Alsatian/German Shepherd dog knitted into a bobble hat. Alsatian
Image of a border collie on a bobble hat Border Collie
Image of a border terrier dog design on a burgundy bobble hat Border Terrier
Image of a bobble hat with a boxer dog design in rust and black Boxer
Product image of a rust coloured bobble hat with a profile image of a cocker spaniel knitted on it. Cocker Spaniel
Product image of a pompom hat with a Dalmatian dog knitted into it. The Dalmatian appears three times on the hat. Dalmatian
Product photo of a Flat-coated Retriever dog knitted into a pompom hat. Flat-coated Retriever
Image of a greyhound dog running, the pattern is knitted into a pompom hat. Greyhound
A product shot of a pompom hat with a black labrador knitted into it. The hat is navy blue with twi gold stripes going around the hat above and below the black labrador. Labrador
A product shot of a rottweiler dog design knitted into a pompom hat. Rottweiler
A product photo of a bottle green pompom hat with a Springer spaniel dog design knitted into it. Springer Spaniel
Image of a pompom hat with a Vizsla dog knitted into it. The dog appears on a grey pompom hat with gold bands circling the head. Vizsla

Dog hats

Black (merino)
A product shot of a turquoise and navy marled beanie hat. The beanie has a ribbed structure and a double fold. Blue (merino)
Product shot of a gold and cream marl effect beanie hat. The hat has a double turn up and is ribbed throughout. Gold merino
A product shot of an orange and gold knitted beanie hat. The hat has a ribbed structure throughout and a double turn up. There is a Wonky Woolies logo label on the side of the hat. Orange merino

Double fold merino beanie

Image of a highland cow face, behind a fence knitted into a bobble hat. The cow appears three times around the circumference of the hat. The colours used are charcoal grey for the hat, a mustard cow and fence with fun candy striped horns in white and turquoise. The pompom is turquoise, white and grey. Grey (merino)
Image of a mallard colour bobble hat with a highland cow face in rust colour with gold and white striped candy horns. The bobble hat has a rust and gold pompom. Mallard (merino)

Highland cow hat