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Image of an Alsatian/German Shepherd dog knitted into a bobble hat. Alsatian
Product image of a bobble hat with a border collie dog knitted into it, made by Wonky Woolies. Border Collie
Image of a border terrier dog design on a burgundy bobble hat Border Terrier
Image of a bobble hat with a boxer dog design in rust and black Boxer
Product image of a rust coloured bobble hat with a profile image of a cocker spaniel knitted on it. Cocker Spaniel
Product image of a pompom hat with a Dalmatian dog knitted into it. The Dalmatian appears three times on the hat. Dalmatian
Product photo of a Flat-coated Retriever dog knitted into a pompom hat. Flat-coated Retriever
Image of a greyhound dog running, the pattern is knitted into a pompom hat. Greyhound
A product shot of a pompom hat with a black labrador knitted into it. The hat is navy blue with twi gold stripes going around the hat above and below the black labrador. Labrador
A product shot of a rottweiler dog design knitted into a pompom hat. Rottweiler
A product photo of a bottle green pompom hat with a Springer spaniel dog design knitted into it. Springer Spaniel
Image of a pompom hat with a Vizsla dog knitted into it. The dog appears on a grey pompom hat with gold bands circling the head. Vizsla

Dog hats

Product shot of a blue knitted beanie hat. Blue (merino)
Product shot of a yellow gold beanie hat. Gold merino
Product photo of an emerald green beanie hat. Green (merino)
Product image of a pink beanie hat. Pink (merino)

Double fold merino beanie

Image of a black ribbed beanie hat, with Wonky Woolies label on the side seam. Black
Indigo blue beanie hat, product image. It has a ribbed structure and a deep turn up. Blue
Image of a gold beanie hat, fisherman ribbed style by Wonky Woolies. Gold
Product image of a bottle green ribbed beanie hat, made by Wonky Woolies. Green
Image of an orange beanie hat, fisherman ribbed style. A black brand label is sewn in the side seam by Wonky Woolies. Orange
Image of a fuchsia pink beanie hat, ribbed structure and deep fold up. Pink
Product image of a turquoise beanie hat, knitted with a fisherman rib structure by Wonky Woolies, Kelso. Turquoise

Merino beanie

Product shot of a black and silver coloured pompom hat with black paw prints all over it. Black
Image of a jade and grey bobble hat with a paw print pattern knit into it. Jade
Product shot of a pompom hat with a paw print pattern knitted into it. The hat turn up is charcoal grey with the main hat being mustard with grey paw prints. Mustard

Paw print hat

The original Wonky hat, knitted in royal blue, pink, yellow, jade and brown. A royal blue turn up and pompom border the pattern area. Blue
Wonky hat pictured, knitted pompom hat with three pattern areas. Green
The Ultra Wonky hat is knitted with a grey pompom and turn up. Sandwiched between is the triple pattern area knitted in vibrant red and yellow with navy and purple contrasting features. Red

Wonky hat

Image of a bobble hat block colour pattern, knitted with a blue turn up, sand in the middle, a pale blue stripe and a royal blue block at the top. Pompom is felted and uses all of the colours. Blue
Image of an Autumnal coloured pompom hat, knitted by Wonky Woolies. Burgundy
Image of a green and rust colour bobble hat with block colour design. Dark green turn up, rust middle, jade green stripe and forest green on the top. The hat has a felted pompom. Green
Product image of a cute bobble hat, knitted in navy blue, candy pink, lime green and purple. The pattern is a block formations with a lime green stripe. Wonky Woolies. Pink

Yair pompom hat