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Karen’s had a wonky year

Karen from Team Wonky this week celebrates one year of making handmade luxury bobble hats with the company. She took 5 minutes from her busy knitting schedule to answer a few Wonky questions.

Hello Karen! Happy Wonky Woolies Birthday! Can you tell us a bit about how you ended up making handmade bobble hats with Wonky Woolies?

I had graduated 2 years previously from when I started working for Wonky Woolies and I had struggled to gain employment within the industry so when I saw the job application on facebook I jumped at the chance to apply as it would finally challenge me in the profession I wanted to work in.

What is that noise you’re making over there?

I predominantly work on our knitting machines, all of our machines have names and I have made good friends with all the girls; Betty, Barbie, Bertha, Belle. However I still have a stand-off relationship with Hank our linker… being a lefty doesn’t go well with linking.

What’s been your favourite moment in the Wonky calendar?

My favourite wonky moment is actually very frequent in the office, it’s the moment when all the hats of a big order are boxed and ready to leave off on their adventure to their end destination and knowing that we have made a customer happy.  Even further along the line too when our trade customers customer will be happy when they buy their hat, that is always a really good feeling!

Tell us a Wonky story, please!

Over Christmas time last year, we were knitting away all day long and our regular song on the radio was always Celine Dion, every few hours she would come on and by the time Christmas eve came along it was a love / hate relationship!! But she always made us laugh in the end!

Sounds like you have a cracking time in Team Wonky, Karen. A big thank you for all of your hard work over the last year!

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