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Judith Glue Orkney

Custom hats for Judith Glue

Judith Glue is well known in the knitwear world, having been in business since she was 18 years old.  When we met Judith at Scotland’s Spring Trade Fair we were really excited to be asked to create a set of bespoke bobble hats for her brand.

Orkney Runes

The bobble hat design includes Judith’s Orkney runes pattern which has been featured in her knitwear for years.  The runes themselves are quite tall characters, which wrap around the crown of the hat.  We’ve added Orkney in a bold font on the front turn-up.  Also included is a hidden feature, the script of Orkney Isles.  The script wraps around the head band, only seen when the hat is worn in a slouchy style.  Three colours are available: grey with oatmeal, lilac with fuchsia and mid blue with navy.  They are a unisex style made in our standard adult size.  We used soft acrylic yarn which is soft to wear around your face.  It’s easy to keep fresh too, just pop in the washing machine inside out.

Where can I buy one?

These hats are sold exclusively by Judith, which you can buy on her website and from her Orkney and Inverness shops.   We hope you love them as much as we do!

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One thought on “Judith Glue Orkney

  1. Pieter Drieman says:

    Good morning at first. A few years ago we bought 2 thick woolen winter fishermen cap. They were great! With the words ‘I have dived Scapa Flow’. We still have one as an relict. Do you think that it is optional the buy 2 more? They were extremely tight knitted in dark blue wool and the letters were in red. We are from Holland so we do have big hats. Please inform us if it is optional to get them by post. My cell-phone is +31650638729 And of course we will pay all the cost in advance. Warm regards, stay warm and for all healthy! Pieter Drieman and Gerard Ten vregeler, Amsterdam, The Netherlands is also ok

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