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Dugs n’ Pubs

Dugs Welcome

Dugs n’ Pubs is a guide to dog-friendly pubs, cafes, and accommodation across the United Kingdom. The idea was conceived by Rhian (who bought her first Wonky 6 years ago!) after she got her beloved dug Bailie.

Bailie the dug.
Bailie the dug.

After speaking to fellow dog owners, Rhian decided to compile a list of places that welcomed four-legged friends in her local area. That list quickly grew and eventually developed into a website and app! Dugs n’ Pubs highlights various beaches, parks, and great walking spots across the country. A great source of information for the dog-loving community!

To see if a business is dog-friendly, keep an eye out for the ‘Dugs Welcome’ sticker in the window!

Custom Design Hats

Incorporating the Dugs n’ Pubs logo and colour palette, we created this custom design bobble hat for Rhian. Knitted with a blend of wool and yarn, this bunnet will keep your head warm and dry when you’re out walking the dug! The hats are available to buy over on the Dug Shop!

Check out our Custom Design page to have your own personalised hats made – perfect for brands, clubs, or a one-off gift!

Paws for Thought

We have our very own office dug and part-time model, Ruaridh, who keeps an eye on all goings on. He loves nothing more than heading out for a walk and the slight mention of the P-A-R-K sends him barking mad! Dugs n’ Pubs certainly has his approval.

Our wee dug, Ruaridh
Here he is modelling the Harvest Long Scarf.

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